Web pages have become an essential tool for companies and various businesses. They use the Internet as an advertising medium to sell and promote their corporate image. About 85% of people, surf the Internet and use it as a tool to look for products and services.

Today, web pages are intended to reflect a professional image. Likewise, the page should show the type of products and services offered. Added that it must allow the contact and the communication with its clients. “If companies have a professional page they will project a favorable image online.

Creating your own website

You need to have a number of clear aspects when thinking about creating your own website. First of all, it is key to define the main purpose of the site. It can sell, inform, be a showcase of products and services or improve communication with external and internal agents. Also, you have to merge two aspects to get a web page to be successful.

The first aspect refers to the functionality and easy navigability. In addition to being visually attractive, for which it is important to have excellent photographs. The second aspect involves optimization of the page so that it appears positioned for the search engines.

Classification of web pages 

1. Static pages: They stand out for having a custom design according to the corporate image of the client. These pages cost between $330 and $800 dollars and are ideal for businesses that do not have a presence on the Web.

Animated pages

2. Animated pages: They are websites with animations in Flash that make them more pleasant and colorful for users. They display information quickly and efficiently. The price ranges between $1,000 and $ 5,000 dollars or more and is ideal for businesses that have to do with fashion, aesthetics, medical services (doctors), clothing, and spas.

Web pages with a content manager

3. Web pages with a content manager: These pages allow the client to edit the contents, both images, and texts, without having any technical knowledge. They are made so that anyone who knows how to use an email can use it to manage their website. The cost ranges between $4,000 and $8,000 0r more and is ideal for companies that change inventory offers permanently or companies that want to publish news.

Websites with online store:

4. Websites with online store: Recommended for those who want an online storefront to sell their products. This page is composed of a catalog of products and integration to an online payment platform. The value ranges from: $1,300 and $12,000 dollars or more. These websites are intended company that wants to sell their products online and has the ability to ship products.

Web pages with applications

5. Web pages with applications: These are built for great interaction with the user. They contain applications such as chats, forums, dynamic surveys, databases, communities, interactive maps, CRM and privileged users. The cost of these pages starts from 7,000 to $ 20,000. They are ideal for medium and large companies that want to take advantage of new technologies. These companies meet specific requirements or want to provide services to their online customers as value-added.

Domains are registered through intermediaries to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names (Icann) and must be renewed annually. The .com and .net can be purchased with companies like Imaginamos.com and are worth around 15 dollars. However, the name should match the domain that is requested.

For personal web Pages

The cost can be very low, if we opt for 100% free options, we should create a free blog, either in blogger or in WordPress. Having a blog on one of those websites do not cost anything, however, we will not have a domain name of its own, and obviously because of it will not look so professional, and it will be more difficult to get visitors.

If we choose to buy a domain name, we will also need to pay a hosting, the cost of a domain name currently approaches 10 dollars per year, and the cost of hosting can vary a bit, but the more Simple and most recommended for a personal web page can cost between 4 and 6 dollars per month.

Web pages a little more advanced or professional

If we want to skip some of the simpler web pages, we have more professional web pages of companies, which possibly receive very large amounts of traffic difficult to process daily, or maybe they have grown too large and take up a lot of memory space. All cheap plans of web hosting are no longer efficient as they are limited. Hosting companies offer plans with dedicated servers that can cost from 50 dollars to thousands of dollars per month, depending on the needs of the page Web.

How much does it cost to make or “order” a web page? If we are going to make a page ourselves, does not cost any money, only time and dedication. Using content managers like Joomla or WordPress, creating a design can be free. We can buy templates that can cost from about 20 to 60 dollars. However, those templates will be of better quality than free designs.

Hire a web designer

On the other hand, hire a web designer to make us a completely unique and exclusive page, the costs will rise. The cost can be around one thousand or two thousand dollars approximately, depending on the quality of the Website design. But also is unique and no one else will have a web page with the same design.

First, a clarification is necessary for the market, there are “web pages” and professional websites. A very good website design is designed by pro graphic designers. Of course, we do not mean, in any way, that empirical knowledge is not valid. We know empirical people of very high level and a very high ethical level, so you definitely do not need to have a university degree to be a true professional.

But, on the other hand, there are also people who sell services without much notion of programming, graphic design and, what is worse, with a very poor degree of ethics and responsibility, that must be present in someone who boasts of being professional in What it does.

Local Website Design

Our graduated staff is composed of professionals and advanced Systems Engineers. We take care of everything related to the optimal performance of the databases, control of access to the archives, Optimization of SQL queries, all links of sites work correctly, creation and correct use of indexes in tables, efficient programming, all in order to return results in a shorter waiting time for the client. As for the area of design, we work with professionals graduated in graphic design careers, with formal notions of design, use of colors, typographies, etc., so your project – and not because we say it – will be in good hands.

Of course, a point worthy of rescuing, in Local Website Design ethics is one of the values that characterize us. That is why we manage the websites of several companies that are competing with each other, as they know that your confidential information is safe with us. Anyway, the positioning at the end much will depend on the management that each of them gives to your website, so there is no favoritism on our part.

All of these are factors that affect the cost of a project and that you should consider before venturing into the Internet. Do not do it simply by having a presence, do it to take advantage of web pages and generate new business options but now on the Internet.

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