To start a web hosting business Depend on your hosting skills and experience. There are two different options for web hosting businesses you can choose from. First start your business as a hosting reseller, buying hosting service at a wholesale price and resell the services. Another option is to set up your own hosting server and provide hosting services to resellers and businesses.

How to Start a Reseller Web Hosting Business

Ultimately, starting your own web hosting business, whether as a reseller or by owning your hosting server; requires a minimum extensive knowledge of web-designing. The best websites today are designed with WordPress easy to use content management systemsWordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. Most of your customers will use it. Moreover, you need to understand HTML, CSS, PHP, and sometimes object-oriented programming skills like JavaScript.

However, if you are going for hosting reseller business, no more extra skills are needed as the main focus is always on providing quality customer service, manage customer acquisition and develop a more familiar business environment. Ideally, reseller web hosting is the easiest and cheapest way to start a web hosting business for the less skilled individuals since they only focus on few customers who they can sufficiently satisfy their web hosting needs: And just as reminder, most of the big hosting companies you see dominating the business today started as reseller web hosting companies, being one them.

Reseller Hosting Plans

Ultimately, the only important thing a hosting reseller needs to do when starting a business is to carry a sufficient research on reseller hosting plans offered by different companies. Then select the best web hosting company with the best reseller services at an affordable price. You can always upgrade to higher servers and plans depending on the needs of your customers. The rest of technical issues are handled at the backend by the company providing the reseller hosting services.

How to Start Web Hosting Business with Your Own Server

If you have the knowledge you can manage your own hosting business. With your own hosting server is the best option to go with. However, you will need to set aside enough capital for this and dedicate enough of your time in managing daily operations of your web hosting company. Ultimately, here are the requirements that you will need to satisfy in order to start your hosting service.

Computer Hardware

The computer you will need to set up your hosting server largely depends on the number of customers you will be handling. If you have a small number of customers who need hosting services, you can go for a simpler machine with average specifications. Such as processor speed of 2.5GHz+, 1TB hard disk, and 4GB or higher RAM. You can always upgrade to hardware with higher specifications as your customer’s needs grow and their number increase.

Together with the hardware setup, ensure that your setup stable internet connection that will support the bandwidth needed by each customer. Ensure that you work with the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) company around you that will not limit your customer’s hosting needs. Moreover, ensure that you have a stable power supply and necessary power backup system so that you minimize downtimes on your customer’s websites.

  1. Software (Operating System)

Basically, there are two options when it comes to the operating system to use for your web hosting server; a Unix/Linux based operating system and a Window based operating system. You need to have sufficient knowledge in setting up hosting servers for you to work with both software. Both have their technical pros and cons do a research to ensure the satisfaction of your customer’s needs.

  1. Control Panel and Automation System

The type of Operating system that you choose to work with will determine the control panel you use for your web hosting control panel. Linux based system comes with cPanel, while window based system comes with Plesk, which are both payable on a subscription running for a month or a year.

  1. Billing Software

You need a user-friendly billing software that will give your customers easy time while making payment for web hosting services. There are numbers of automated billing systems, do a research to find the best service. WHMCS is one of the most common billing systems used by most companies. WHMCS comes with impressive features such as account management, domain management and ticketing features for a helpful customer service.

  1. Hosting Services to Offer

Finally, for your web hosting Business, you need to know hosting products and services you will offer to your customers. There are a number of hosting plans that you can offer and they include. Shared hosting, is the most cost-effective and you can host a number of websites using one server. Cloud hosting, Virtual Private Server, which is hosting on a virtual machine with its own operating system installed. Dedicated Server, is the entire hosting server dedicated to one client and therefore they have full control over the server.

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