Hey, check this out. Today I’m gonna give you one of the most raw, honest and sincere reviews about the Four Percent Group. There’s been a lot of talk on the internet about it and what it’s all about. And is it really real, legit. Is it a scam. And who is this person that created it, this Mr. Vick? And all this talk behind it. At this point, you might be wondering, who are you and why should I listen to you, right? Well, I’m gonna give you all the knowledge and everything that I have first hand. Not just from, I heard from my uncle, from my aunt, from my friend, and from my friend’s uncle Sam or whatever, right? So my name is Tatyana Moshchenkov and I am a stay-at-home mom. About a couple of years ago I was working as a nurse for over 12 years, night shifts as a nurse. I have a family of three beautiful kiddos and a husband. And I was always away from my home because working nights you’re either at work or you’re sleeping and you’re catching up on your sleep.

And your schedule is all messed up, right? And it was all happening until I discovered this beautiful world of internet marketing, the online world, the online business building. And it got me curious, right? Well, the next couple of years I spent failing. I really fell on my face. I embarrassed myself. I lost a lot of money. And so at one point I was very disappointed, probably just like you. I was looking and seeing who is real anymore? Who is legit and who is a scammer? Because I’ve seen at this point, being online for a couple of years, I’ve seen a lot of things. And today I’m gonna take you on a journey, right? So what happened next? Well, until one day that I met someone.

I was actually able to figure things out, put it all together for myself and once I did that, it’s like it seemed like all the puzzle pieces just fell into place. So why does my story important? You might be in the exact same situation, looking for something different, looking to give a better future for your family, for your kids. For even for yourself. If you don’t have a family, for yourself. Who likes to be stuck? Nine to five for 40 years. And by the time that you get to retire, you don’t even get to enjoy life because a lot of people are sick, right? They can’t travel or they retire broke and they can’t even afford to travel or do the things that they always wanted to do. My kids right now, they’re sleeping. And I’m up here doing this video for you because I love doing what I do. Sharing what I have. The passion that I have to change people’s lives. So check this out, or before I go on, check this out. I got my noexcuses shirt on, can you see it? (laughing) Alright, let’s talk about this Four Percent Group.

And why is it important for you to know what is real and what is scam. First of all, let’s cover and let’s go through our basis and cover what is really a scam? What is a pyramid scheme? What is fake and what is really punishable by FDC? Number one is, if a company does not have a viable product or a service to offer, that’s a scam or a scheme, right? If you are signing up for something that all people are doing is cycling money, there is no product, (laughing) and it’s like money gifting or whatever and all people are doing is recruiting in order to recruit further and to recruit and to recruit, to recruit? That’s a pyramid scheme. And no matter how matter how anybody twists and tells you, the purpose for any online business is to transfer a product from the creator to the consumer.

Think of all the big stores that are out there that are online, like Nordstroms, Macy’s. What do they do? They have their online space, online presence, right? And they have products that can be transferred the store to the customer. Now check this out. I bet that you did not know this, okay? There is something called affiliate. You can go to Nordstrom or Macy’s website, okay? And you can become an affiliate, meaning that you can share their products, recommend them to friends, and you can earn a commission. Okay? So now with that said, this is exactly what I do. But I don’t do it with Nordstrom or Macy’s because their commissions are very low, right? So I pick products that have higher profit margins, that are necessary for people, people really need.

They’re in high demand, right? And then when people buy them, I get paid. And there’s a double benefit because the person benefitted and then me sharing because if I wouldn’t have shared they wouldn’t even known that product existed, right? So check this out right. If it all sounds so simple and easy, why did I spend a couple of years failing? Well let me answer that for you.

The number one thing, and I’m not talking about people who come in and they expect to be paid from thin air, or people that are looking for quick money, get rich quick stuff. I’m not talking about people like that. I’m talking about people who really are looking to build a legitimate, solid business that’s gonna be long term and actually be a legacy for them and their children, right? So why do people fail? The one of the main reasons is because they don’t have a system. They don’t have a step-by-step process. Here’s the thing. If people don’t have a system, or they don’t have a step-by-step, they’re going to be running around in a rat race.

And until the figure it out, they’re gonna keep failing because they’re gonna be missing one of those key puzzle components that are necessary for success. So now you’re probably wondering, okay Tatyana, enough of this blabbering and this and that. How does this tie into with the Four Percent. Okay. I want you to picture an umbrella, right? There’s an umbrella.

When you have an umbrella, you can have one person holding it, right? You can have five, six people holding it, if it’s big enough. And it protects everybody from rain, right? It provides coverage. So think of Four Percent as an umbrella. It’s like a system where you can set up multiple income streams that don’t conflict with each other. Because that’s another big thing where people struggle. Is that they start building a business and they hear about, you can build multiple income streams, right? Because every successful person has more than one. And so what do they start doing? They start joining companies, getting products. And then they’re all confused. And again, running the rat race. How do you fix that? With Four Percent, the main goal and the main reason why it was created, is to offer to this umbrella where you can have multiple income streams under one roof that are all congruent with other, that don’t conflict, there is no conflict, there is no, oh my goodness which product do I choose to promote? Which one do people need more? Is this weight loss better? Is this one better? Is tool better? Or is this tool better? It’s all congruent.

And it follows a certain system so it’s presented in a systematic way. So if I know that having a system like that is gonna be beneficial to someone, you know what? I would actually be a bad person. Like a bad, bad, bad person, not to share it. Vick is a creator of Four Percent and the Four Percent System. He’s been in the online space for over 10 years. He’s learned from his mistakes. He’s put together his years of experience and created this for people where they can come in, follow a simple seven step system to results. Notice the key word here, results. He doesn’t just want you to go in and create the system and be like, okay now what do I do? He wants you to get results. Let’s talk about Vick. If you don’t work with a person one on one, if you don’t know their story in depth, if you don’t know their struggle, if you haven’t walked in their shoes, if you haven’t heard from them.

Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go down somewhere on this page and check out what Four Percent is truly about and hear Vick’s story first hand from his own mouth. If you go and find a link on this page, it’s completely free to create an account. You can go through all the steps, watch the videos completely free. And if you decide it’s something that’s for you, then let’s build your own empire.

When I shared my story with you and I said that at one point my life started changing, that is because of Vick. Because of what I learned from him and what I started implementing in my business. And it truly transformed not just my life but my business. He has been one of the biggest reasons that I am here and I haven’t given up and I keep on going. And I know there’s a lot of lives and a lot of people that are waiting to hear about this. If you’ve been struggling or your new to this whole online space, find that link somewhere on this page and let’s crush it together. Let’s build your empire. Go ahead, find that link, click on it. And I’ll see you on the inside..

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